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Intelpro Wireless Communication device for CNC

CNC Wireless Communication System

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Intelpro Wireless Communication device for CNC

Why our Intelpro Wireless Communication device?

 Designed and approved for CNC
 A completely wireless, battery operated device :
     convenient and absolutely safe
 Long Reach
 Buffer flow protected
 No additional Software required
 Able to send and receive from machine to machine
 Circuit board guaranteed for 12 months
     (terms and conditions apply)


Without question, the worst enemy of any system to system communication and data transfer is power surges and lightning strikes. Wired systems, connected to PC's via a RS232 communication port were always subject to possible damage even from minor electrical disorders, furthermore, plugging and unplugging the cable could cause similar problems due to improper earth connection. Any CNC user can readily testify that the damage caused is sometimes immensely substantial, and depending on the model, Fanuc Boards can anywhere from US$5000 and up. This is a particular concern for older control users where finding spare parts becomes a near impossible and costly mission.

The second major problem for wired communications is the fact that they are 'wired'. This is often a problem when one is required to change premises or new equipment is introduced. Re-locating wired systems can sometimes be a complicated and time consuming exercise, and often entire workshop floors need to be reorganized to accommodate new equipment.


The only way to avoid these unnecessary exercises and relocations, as well as protect yourself from any possible damages caused by power surges is to use a Digital Network Optical Interface or Wireless connection. Well - in other words - go Wireless!

Intelpro Wireless Communication device for CNC

System Requirements and Directions for use:

The minimum requirement for effective wireless communication is two Intelpro Wireless Communication devices. One unit will be connected to the PC (or to the CNC Machine, which you'd like to send from, as Intelpro Wireless Communication devices allow you to send and receive from MACHINE to MACHINE) and the other unit is then attached to any CNC Machine.

As Intelpro Wireless Communication Devices operate from a 9v battery source and are completely wireless, devices can thus be relocated from one machine to the other as the need arises. The other upside is that when all Intelpro Wireless Communication devices are permanently attached to allocated PC and Machines, then all communications are done without having to move the wireless transmitters. In this case, the amount of Intelpro Wireless Communication devices required should be one for every CNC Machine plus 1 for the operating PC.


Supply Voltage: 9V Battery
Max Supply Current: 40mA
Range (line of sight): 100m line of sight (in the brick buildings). 1Km or more with directional antenna (optional, US$35)
Data Rate (over the air): 200kbps
Effective Throughput: 15kbps
Frequency Channel: 117 (868.2MHz)
Baud Rate: 9600 (4800 on request at no extra cost)
Data Bits: 7 (!!!)
Stop Bits: 1
Parity: Even
Connector: dB 25 Male (adaptor-cable to dB9 female connection for PC Desktop is optional extra (US$10), if one only unit has been ordered. Any special connection, including of USB, can be prepared on request.
Dimensions: 135mm x 84mm x 52mm
Weight: 380 grams(with long-life transistor PM9 battery)

Supplied Configurations:

The Set: 2 x Intelpro Wireless Communication devices with PM9 batteries and PC Adapting dB9 Female cable.
The Unit: one only Intelpro Wireless Communication device with PM9 battery.
Long range directional antenna: optional
Additional cables: optional


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Wireless CNC Set USD $571.
Additional Wireless unit to the Set USD $285
CNC Wireless Single Device USD $285
Long range directional antenna USD $35
PC Serial 9 pin Adator Cable USD $10
Shipment Express USD $75

To process the payment via wire transfer, please send us email, and we'll direct to you the Proforma Invoice with the full amount and our Banking Details.


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