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Supported in South Africa
Call Johannesburg:
Tel: +2711- 8882540
Fax:+2711- 8882015

V20 Training Professor CD Video Series
V19 Training Professor UPGRADE Video Series
BobCAD-CAM V17 Training Cds

V20 Training Professor CD Video Series

The Version 20 Training Professor CD Video Series is the most complete and comprehensive training product BobCAD-CAM has ever offered for our customers.

This 6 CD box set offers more than 20 hours of audio-video training that spans more than 175 individual videos.

Each CD offers its own video index so that you can go directly to the video that you need to see. Every aspect of the version 20 system is covered with live examples, demonstrations and instruction on how to use the feature.

Watch a video and then open the V20 software and do it yourself the easy way!

Video training includes:
  • Importing and working with external CAD files
  • Basics and V20 Fundamentals
  • Basic & Advanced 2D & 3D CAD Design
  • Solid Modeling
  • 2.5 Axis Machining Operations
  • 3 Axis Machining operations
  • 4th Axis machining Operations
  • Lathe Programming
  • Generating G-Code Programs
  • Post Processing
  • Customizing the V20 CAM
  • Simulation and Verification
  • Engraving
  • BobART PRO
  • Nesting and everything in between!

This power training package is perfect for both basic and advanced BobCAD-CAM operators and will complete your V20 training!

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19 Training Professor UPGRADE Video Series

The Version 19 Upgrade Video Professor offers an in-depth look at how to use the Version 19 software for working with Solids and Surfaces.

The video index allows you to select the video you want to watch easily and the interactive workbook follows along introducing you to easy to do lessons.

Video training includes:
  • Primitives & how to draw with them. Editing Solids
  • Generating Toolpath for Solids & Surfaces
  • Creating Surfaces & Extrusions
  • Creating G-Code programs for Complex Surfaces & Solids
  • Solid & Surface File Import & Export Much, Much More

Order your V19 Upgrade Training Professor Series today and become an expert tomorrow!

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BobCAD-CAM V17 Training Cds

For over 17 years BobCAD-CAM has provided quality CNC part programming software to the Design & Manufacturing Industry around the world.

With our industry standard CAD/CAM solutions, we have primarily focused on the world of modern manufacturing. Now we have turned to the world of modern education...

We are now offering you the educational solutions you need by bringing the professor to you with these multimedia training Cd's.

Video training includes ( 17 CDs ):
  • 4 Cd's covering over 7 hours of total quality audio and video training
  • Basics & Fundamentals of CAD/CAM software programming
  • 2D & 3D CAD Design
  • Making toolpath for 2.5 Axis parts
  • Making toolpath for surfacing & 3 Axis parts
  • Understanding CAM and NC Code
  • RS232 Communications & DNC functionality
  • Customizing Post Processors so that YOUR controller can accept the G-code program
  • 2 Axis Lathe part programming

Order your BobCAD-CAM V17 Training Cds today!

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