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NC Graphics Open Offices in South Africa

April 24, 2006
Established in 1977, Cambridge based CADCAM software developer NC Graphics announces the opening of a new independent distribution office in South Africa, NC Graphics (South Africa). This adds to their European offices set up in 1996 based in Germany and their global marketing and distribution with DEPO Frastechnik. With distribution now covering the whole of Europe, Japan, Canada, Korea and China and South Arica.

Since restructuring internally in 2003, NC Graphics has heavily invested in improving both their ToolMaker and DEPOCAM CADCAM software products, and with the additional inspection module - DEPOINSPECT - now available 2006 looks to be an even better year. These products will be on show at the MACH 2006 Hall 5 Stands 5791 and 5784 (15-19 May 2006). Read more >>

ZwCAD announces his fourth partner in Europe

ZwCAD announces his fourth partner Techsoft in Europe on 26 th March 2006. Because of the powerful functions, excellent compatibility and affordable price, more and more European enterprises and designers begin to accept ZwCAD, a DWG-based 2D CAD software.

DWG is the industrial standard file format for 2D drawings. Most of CAD users use DWG-based software for their work. But the price of most DWG-based software is quite high (more than US$3000). Therefore, a lot of SMEs and individual designers hope to find a cheap alternative. ZwCAD is their intelligent choice.Read more >>

Quantum CNC answers the call for Affordable but Powerful 3D Cam software

Many of our smaller Industrial and hobby customers require to manufacture 3D parts, prototype models, Moulds / Dies etc. from models created with one of the many 3D Cad/ Solid modelling packages available today. This either means using a low cost "Rastor type" Cam software such as the Millwizard software we offer or using one of the expensive Industrial 3D cam packages available.

In conjunction with Dolphin Systems we are pleased to now be able to offer the new MicroMill 3D Cam software that has all the power of much more expensive systems but at a price that becomes cost effective for most applications. Read more >>

CNC Spares Machine stops ...

Sod's law nearly always prevails! It's the key production machine and its vital that it is back in full production - ideally by the next day. But there are countless models and vintages of machines and CNC controls, drives, feedback devices, motors etc.
Other problems create difficulty for the customer - the original supplier is either no longer in business or they no longer stock replacement parts?

Original new parts are often very expensive and the machine may not justify this spend. On other occasions they may be available but on a long lead time!
iAdapt for Machine Tool Productivity

Machine tool productivity is much more than numbers or specifications. It's a matter of design and functionality. Years of experience and mastery of machine tool processes are required before a company can truly understands and design those technologies that provide real gains for customers. That's the kind of knowledge and experience that GE Fanuc delivers with iAdapt for Milling and Turning. iAdapt automatically monitors and controls spindle load, reducing cycle time by optimizing tool load and eliminating errors by automatically adjusting the cutting velocity for material variation and cut thickness.

iAdapt allows the operator to request constant load machining to be performed. Once activated, the controller will maintain a constant load by adjusting the feedrate override. When the controller is enabled, it will monitor cutting loads until a preset threshold is exceeded ("Arm Point"). Upon being "armed" the controller will maintain the Set Point load until the cutting loads are reduced below the "Arm Point". At this time the controller will stop adjusting feedrate override and monitor load until it once again increases above the "Arm Point" threshold or is disabled. In this manner the adaptive control can be used in interrupted cuts with no special programming and can be left on during most machining.


Delta 2000 Series CNC, powerful yet easily understood functions provide cycle time reductions for the simplest to the most complex parts. In fact, all the information to make a part, from set up to the most complex cutting cycles, are simplified on the DynaPath CNC control.
The DynaPath proprietary Conversational programming allows menu-driven, question-and-answer part program development. Or, switch to conventional EIA / ISO "G"-Code inputs for industry standardization. You can even use CAD/CAM generated programs input through the RS-232 Serial Port. At the operator's fingertips are a host of time savers like canned cycles, part rotation, scaling, mirror imaging, and automatic cycles . Plus tool compensations and fixture offsets. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese language.


MTECS Small Diameter, Short Solid Carbide Thread Mills ISCAR is introducing the MTECS (Mill Thread Endmills Carbide Short) solid carbide thread mills for the production of small internal threads. The new thread mills feature a short 3-tooth cutting zone with 3 flutes and a released neck between the cutting zone and the shank.
This unique tool design offers very precise profiles and a high performance IC908 submicron carbide grade with PVD titanium aluminum nitride coating. The very short profile exerts a low force which minimizes tool bending. This facilitates parallel and high thread precision for the entire length. Compared to taps, the new MILLTHREAD is more accurate, thread machining is substantially faster and there is no danger of a broken tap being stuck in the hole.


  • Minimum thread size: M2x0.4 (1.6 mm bore diameter)up to M8x1.25.
  • 2xD and 3xD threading lengths.
  • High cutting speeds.
  • Short cycle time.
  • Low cutting forces due to the short contact profile resulting in accurate and parallel thread.
  • Prevents oval threads near thin walls.
  • No more dealing with broken taps.
  • Reliable threading in blind holes.
  • Excellent performance on hardened steel,high temperature alloys and titanium.

Most of the popular small threads are produced using taps. Small diameter taps tend to break. MILLTHREAD shows a large advantage in high temperature alloys, titanium, hard steel and other difficult.


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