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MicroScribe® G2 3D Digitizers

Support and Sales in South Africa

Sales: 011-8882540
Support: 011-8882015
Fax: 086-6541336


 MicroScribe G2 data sheet (PDF, 86K)

MicroScribe G2 3D digitizers offer a fast, flexible, and affordable solution for many manufacturing, reverse engineering, model making, and graphic arts applications. MicroScribe G2 digitizing systems capture the physical properties of three-dimensional objects and accurately translate them into complete 3D models.

The award-winning MicroScribe digitizer features Immersion's mechanical tracking technology and a unique, attractive mechanical arm that's compact and easy to use. Constructed from high quality components like precise aluminum housings, lightweight graphite links, and state-of-the-art electronics, MicroScribe 3D digitizers can provide years of trouble-free digitizing.

The counterbalanced mechanical arm is equipped with precision bearings for smooth, effortless manipulation. Each joint uses digital optical sensors, which are immune from any environmental noise and interference. It all makes for a versatile system that can work in most any environment and be used with solid objects of most any material. With accuracy of up to 0.009-inch, the MicroScribe G2 digitizing system is cost-effective tool for reverse engineering, graphic arts, medical, and other applications.

The Fastest Way to Digitize in 3D

MicroScribe digitizer provides a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use method for creating accurate 3D computer models. Just trace over the contours of a physical object and build complex 3D data sets in a matter of minutes. The MicroScribe 3D digitizer works with physical objects of various shapes, sizes, and materials. A variety of third-party software packages provide the solutions you need to get up and running fast.

To take advantage of MicroScribe digitizers, you can either use a dedicated digitizing software application or use one of many software drivers that link MicroScribe 3D digitizing capabilities to existing third-party software applications. For a list of compatible software, check out the Software Solutions section. These software packages allow you to create complex 3D models using points, lines, polygons, splines, NURBS, or other standard geometric entities. You can even use MicroScribe digitizers as a 3D mouse to control view locations, set light source locations and even define animation trajectories in real time.

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