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  Download BobCAD/BobWIRE Demo

Supported in South Africa
Call Johannesburg:
Tel: +2711- 8882540
Fax:+2711- 8882015

BobCAD-CAM version 20
BobCAD-CAM version 19
BobCAD-CAM version 18
BobCAD-CAM Hobby V17
BobWIRE EDM version 19
BobWIRE EDM version 16

BobCAD-CAM Training CDs

There are a lot of things to consider when looking for a CAD/CAM system that will work for you. Cost vs. Functionality is what we want to have you look at as well as requirements and potential learning curves that will have an effect on how long it will take you to start cutting parts easily.

The BobCAD-CAM version 20 is an excellent choice for day to day part making. In fact, you could be cutting parts right away. With that in mind, lets answer some of the questions that you want to ask when looking for a system that meets your needs.

  • Easy-to-learn User Interface
  • File Support
  • 2D/3D Machining
  • Powerfull CAD/CAM capability
  • Powerfull TOOLPATH capability
  • Lightning FAST PART-MAKING
  • NC Code Output

Special offer for this Winter!

BobCAD-CAM is obtainable from web and can be utilized with self-training manuals and tutorials as well as with our online support.

BobCAD-CAM is sold to CNC Club Members with 5% Discount.
Join Club now for Free!

For the period till March 2006, we give additional 3% off any BobCAD purchase. So there is great special offer for this Summer - 8% off the Normal Purchasing Price.

Purchases of BobCAD-CAM from South Africa are charged in Rands and qualified for 10% discount till the end March 2006!

This is the only place on WEB where the Action takes place!
Software Maintenance & Updates

A good number of CAD/CAM software systems on the market today charge extra money for yearly contracts on upgrades and for technical support.

We have been in business for over 13 years and have never charged for technical phone support.

We do not have maintenance agreements that cost extra money either. We are always working on improving our programs. Upgrades usually come out once a year and are offered to our 20,000 customers on an individual basis. Each company has specific needs that we try to accommodate with each revision. Costs will vary on each new revision but are always affordable!

BobCAD-CAM version 20

  Download BobCAD v.20 Demo

BobCAD-CAM Version 20 introduces new external file compatability, powerful CAD wireframe, surface and solids technology and user friendly machining operations for 2D & 3D part making. Version 20 proves that advanced CAD-CAM software can be powerful and loaded with part making functionality, yet still easy to use while also being affordable enough for any shop!

From basic 2D machining operations to model design and mold making BobCAD-CAM Version 20 provides you the toolpath and g-code to cut your parts FASTER...SMARTER & EASIER!

The following list of features has been added to give you an idea of what Version 20 can do for your design & manufacturing requirements.

  Feature list

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BobCAD-CAM version 19

  Download BobCAD v.19 Demo

Version 19 CAD-CAM incorporates Wire Frame, Surfaces and Solids into one with the primary goal of allowing you the ability to create clean toolpath and accurate g-code programs for imported surface or solids type files.

V19 supports DXF, IGES and STEP files for the importing of surfaces or solid models for machining. CAM functionality includes customizable tool libraries, canned cycles as well as customizable drilling cycles through using simple visual basic scripting technology.

The feature comparison below will provide you with a complete list of features

  Feature list

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BobWIRE EDM version 19

  Download BobWIRE v.19 Demo

The NEW BobWIRE Version 19 system offers complete 2 & 4 axis programming capabilities.

BobWIRE supports STEP, IGES and DXF file importing or the ability to draw your own parts for Open and Closed shape wire cut profiles including full X, Y, U and V 4 axis parts.

This system is easy to use and includes a comprehensive training guide that will teach you the fundamentals you need to get started right away. Features include: * Easy CAD design with wireframe geometry, planar surfaces and solids.

  Feature list

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BobCAD-CAM version 18

  Download BobCAD v.18 Demo

Version 18 is a complete CAD-CAM system for the shop floor. V18 is widely used by manufacturers around the world for 2.5 axis programming along with its ability to generate 3 axis surface toolpath and g-code programs fast.

Whether you are new to CAD-CAM or not, you will find a wide range of funtionality for DXF and IGES import to NC code, complete CAD design, Profiling, engraving, 3D surfacing and much more that is easy to use.

The feature list below will offer you a complete look into the V18 CAD-CAM software.

  Feature list

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BobCAD-CAM Hobby V17

  Download BobCAD-CAM v.17

If you are a hobbyist looking for the ULTIMATE CNC Design & Programming software package, you have come to the right place!

This special BobCAD-CAM hobby package offers you the complete Version 17 2D & 3D CAD-CAM software for mill and lathe, allowing you to design and create g-code programs for basic and complex parts.

We have made this powerful CAD-CAM software available for hobbyists at the lowest possible price! We also offer a complete training cd video series that can teach you how to use this system fast!

  Feature list

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BobWIRE EDM version 16

  Download BobWIRE v.16 Demo

Compare BobWIRE EDM version 16 with any other Wire EDM application and you will wonder why their program costs $5000 to $10000 more.

After all there is no other Wire EDM program in the world that has so many features and is so affordable.

  Feature list

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